Our Earth is undergoing a significant shift in consciousness at this time and as such many traditional values of what it means to be human are being challenged. Spiritual Direction can help you make sense of what is occurring, reclaim your personal power and become an embodiment of Christ consciousness. ​

Why Spiritual Direction ?

Our lives often entail times of spiritual uncertainty—situations in which we are unsure of which direction to go and confused about what the creator is doing in our lives.

Some of us are questioning traditional patriarchal systems. Even more are struggling to reconcile religion with Christ Consciousness.
Spiritual Direction can help you sort through these life changing issues.


Are you a Light worker, Way shower or Starseed considering abandoning your faith in pursuit of higher consciousness?
Let's talk about it.


In addition to sacred conversation, we use a variety of spiritual tools and holistic practices, that make spiritual direction a safe place to find answers to your questions and concerns about life.


Hospitable, confidential, and grounded in Unity consciousness and universal truth, spiritual direction can help you grow in divine awareness and live more fully into your divine sovereignty.