Spiritual Direction Sessions. $45-90 per session (sliding scale)

Spiritual directors are like health coaches.  The difference is we listen carefully to the spiritual unfolding in one's life to help one discern how the source of all is leading them.  We have regular one-on-one meetings (usually about an hour, once a month) to more deeply explore one's spiritual journey.

Zoom Monthly Meditations. $ Energy Philanthropy
Our meditations are designed to introduce you to a variety of contemplative practices that will help you move away from duality consciousness to experience non dual reality. Each month we will explore a different venue from channeling to contemplative prayer, mantra, sound healing, and more. Monthly meditations are by invite only on zoom.

Spiritual Ascension Classes and Workshops. $Energy Philanthropy

Ascension classes  focus on guiding individuals through a journey of personal and spiritual growth through a variety of classes that help participants raise their consciousness and connect with higher states of awareness. Examples include: What is ascension awakening?, emotional integration techniques, new frequencies, inner transformation, matrix mechanics and more.

Sound Energy Healing (Coming Soon) TBD

Sound healing is a holistic practice that uses sound vibrations to promote relaxation, reduce stress and enhance wellbeing. I use a variety of modalities, including toning and a brainwave assessment to find your home note. The brainwave assessment includes mp3 audio downloads that are uniquely designed to bring balance and peace to your inner being.